Jens-Erik Aasbø

is a member of the ensemble of Den Norske Opera Oslo and sings RATCLIFFE in Benjamin Britten’s ‘Billy Budd’.

Premiere: 18th January 2019

Further performances: 20th / 23rd / 25th January 2019; 2nd / 5th / 8th / 16th February 2019


Furthermore, he can be heard in ‚Der Rosenkavalier‘ as POLIZEIKOMMISSAR.

Premiere: 16th March 2019

Further performances: 19th / 22nd / 24th / 27th / 30th March 2019; 7th / 10th / 13th April 2019



Karine Babajanyan

is performing the title role of AIDA at Staatsoper Hannover.

Performances: 11th / 16th January 2019


Besides, she sings LISA in Lehár’s ‘Land des Lächelns’ at Müpa Palace of Arts Budapest.

Performances: 1st / 2nd February 2019



Ric Furman

sings ANATOL in ‘Vanessa’ at the Theater Magdeburg.
Performances: 19th / 26th January 2019; March 9th / 31st 2019

In March, he performs in the co-production from the Scottish Opera and the Theater Magdeburg as BORIS GRIGOYEVICH in ‘Kátya Kabanová’.
Performances: 12th / 14th / 16th / 21st / 23rd March 2019



Heike Grötzinger

is member of the ensemble at Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich and is singing there amongst others the KARTENAUFSCHLÄGERIN in ‘Arabella’.

Performances: 11th / 14th / 18th / 22nd / 25th January 2019



Dorothea Herbert

debuted as AGATHE in the new production of ‘Der Freischütz’ at the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe.

Performances: 27th January 2019; 14th / 27th March 2019



Emily Hindrichs

is a member of the ensemble of the Oper Köln and is singing OTTILIE in Benatzky's operetta ‘Im weißen Rössl’.

Performances: 5th / 20th / 27th January 2019


In March she is singing in Cologne as the 1st ELFE in ‘Rusalka’ by Antonín Dvo?ák.

Premiere: 10th March 2019

Further performances: 13th / 16th March 2019


Furthermore, she can be heard as KÖNIGIN DER NACHT in ‘Die Zauberflöte’, this time at the Aalto-Musiktheater Essen.

Performances: 3rd / 13th January 2019; 21st April 2019


In addition, she appears as ISHMAELA in the production ‘The Outcast’ by Olga Neuwirth at the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg.

Performance: 4th March 2019



Mlada Khudoley

is guesting in the title role of TURANDOT at the Oper Leipzig.

Performances: 10th February 2019; 16th March 2019


After her debut in November 2018 as Götterdämmerungs Brünnhilde under the baton of M° Valerie Gergiev, she returns to the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg to various productions: In the title role AIDA, as KATERINA ISMAILOVA in ‘Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk’ and as DIE KAISERIN in ‘Die Frau ohne Schatten’.

Performances: Aida – 12th January 2019; Lady Macbeth – 22th January 2019;

Frau ohne Schatten – 18th February 2019; 9th April 2019



Daniela Köhler

makes her debut as BRÜNNHILDE in Loriot's ‘Ring an einem Abend’ at the Staatstheater Mainz under the baton of musical director Hermann Bäumer.

Performances: 8th January 2019; 8th February 2019; 10th March 2019


She also sings MARIANNE LEITMETZERIN in ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ at Oper Leipzig.

Performances: 6th / 12th January 2019


The Bayreuth Festival is bringing Richard Wagner’s ‘Die Walküre’ to the Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi and Daniela Köhler is singing SIEGLINDE.

Premiere: 30th January 2019

Further Performance: 1st February 2019



Jürgen Linn

is guesting in the role of THE WANDERER in ‘Siegfried’ at the Biwako Hall in Otsu, Japan.

Performances: 2nd / 3rd March 2019



Sebastian Pilgrim

is member of the Oper Leipzig up from this season and can be heard amongst others as GRANDE INQUISITORE in ‘Don Carlo’ and EREMIT in ‘Der Freischütz’.

Performances: Don Carlo – 19th January 2019; 10th March 2019;

Der Freischütz: 24th March 2019; 20th April 2019


Furthermore, he is guesting at Teatro alla Scala in Bruckner’s ‘Te Deum’ under the baton of musical director Christoph von Dohnányi.

Performances: 13th / 14th / 17th February 2019



Oleksandr Pushniak

sings LEPORELLO in ‘Don Giovanni’ and BARTOLO in ‘Die Hochzeit des Figaro’ at Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar.

Performances: Don Giovanni – 25th January 2019; 23rd February 2019; 29th March 2019;

Figaro – 20th January 2019; 1st March 2019


Sayaka Shigeshima

is member of the ensemble at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar and is singing there amongst others CHERUBINO in ‘Die Hochzeit des Figaro’ and VENUS in ‘Tannhäuser’.

Performances: Figaro – 20th January 2019; 14th February 2019; 1st / 15th March 2019;

Tannhäuser – 17th February 2019; 28th April 2019


Jonathan Stoughton

is debuting MAX in Ernst Krenek’s ‘Jonny spielt auf’ at National Theatre Prague.

Premiere: 24th January 2019

Further Performances: 26th / 30th January 2019; 7th / 20th March 2019



Elisabeth Teige

is again BRÜNNHILDE in Loriot's 'Ring an einem Abend' and will sing LEONORE in ‘Fidelio’ at the Nationaltheater Mannheim.

Performances: Fidelio – 15th January 2019; 8th / 16th February 2019; 13th March 2019;

Ring an einem Abend – 24th January 2019; 21st February 2019; 17th March 2019



Gianluca Zampieri

is singing RADAMES in ‘Aida’ and HERMAN in Tchaikovsky’s ‘Pique Dame’ at the National Theatre Brno.

Performances: Aida – 11th / 19th January 2019; Pique Dame – 21st / 26th February 2019


He is also performing the title role OTELLO at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Ostrava.

Performances: 23rd January 2019; 10th February 2019