Jens-Erik Aasbø

will be guesting at the Spring Festival in Tokyo in ‘Der fliegende Holländer’ and will be singing ‘The 15th Anniversary Gala Concert’ in Tokyo.

‘Holländer’: 5th / 7th April 2019

‘Gala Concert’: 12th April 2019


Besides, he is a member of the ensemble of the Den Norske Opera Oslo and is singing MESTER LAURENTSIUS in ‘Anne Pedersdotter’. Furthermore, he can be heard in ‚Die Zauberflöte‘ as SARASTRO.

‘Anne Pedersdotter’: 14th / 17th June 2019

‘Zauberflöte’: 19th / 21st / 23rd June 2019



Karine Babajanyan

gives her debut as CARLOTTA NARDI in Franz Schreker’s ‘Die Gezeichneten’ at the Staatsoper Hannover.

Premiere: 6th April 2019

Further performances: 10th / 13th April 2019; 11th / 19th / 30th May 2019; 18th June 2019



Ric Furman

is singing ANATOL in ‘Vanessa’ at the Theater Magdeburg.

Performance: 8th May 2019


In April, he can be heard in the Faust Symphony by Liszt at the ‘Budapest Spring Festival’ with Kirill Gerstein and the Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra at the Müpa Palace of Arts Budapest.

Performance: 11th April 2019



Heike Grötzinger

is singing LA BADESSA in ‘Suor Angelica’ at the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich.

Performances: 25th / 28th / 30th May 2019; 2nd June 2019



Franz Gürtelschmied

is guesting as TIERHÄNDLER in ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ at the Oper Leipzig.

Performance: 26th April 2019



Emily Hindrichs

is a member of the ensemble of the Oper Köln and is singing ROSE MAURRANT in Kurt Weill’s opera ‘Street Scene’.

Premiere: 28th April 2019

Further Performances: 30th April 2019; 2nd / 5th / 8th / 10th / 12th / 16th May 2019


In June she is singing in Cologne as WANDA in ‘La Grande-Duchesse de Gérolstein’ by Jacques Offenbach.

Premiere: 9th June 2019

Further performances: 12th / 15th / 20th / 23rd / 26th June 2019


Furthermore, she can be heard as KÖNIGIN DER NACHT in ‘Die Zauberflöte’, this time at the Aalto-Musiktheater Essen.

Performance: 21st April 2019



Andreas Hörl

gives the BARON OCHS in ‚Der Rosenkavalier‘ at the Mecklenburgischen Staatstheater his voice.

Premiere: 12th April 2019

Further Performances: 14th April 2019; 10th / 23rd May 2019; 9th June 2019



Mlada Khudoley

is guesting as ABIGAILLE in ‘Nabucco’ at the Oper Leipzig.

Performance: 24th May 2019


She is also performing DIE KAISERIN in ‘Die Frau ohne Schatten’ at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg. 

Performance: 9th April 2019



Daniela Köhler

is performing as BRÜNNHILDE in Loriot's ‘Ring an einem Abend’ at the Staatstheater Mainz under the baton of the musical director Hermann Bäumer.

Performance: 30th May 2019


In this role she can also be heard at the Aalto Musiktheater Essen.

Performances: 14th April 2019; 26th May 2019; 8th June 2019


She also is singing MARIANNE LEITMETZERIN in ‘Der Rosenkavalier’ at the Oper Leipzig.

Performance: 26th April 2019


In Leipzig, she also appears in various roles in the RING cycle.

‘Die Walküre’ – SIEGLINDE: 7th April 2019

‘Siegfried’ – BRÜNNHILDE: 13th April 2019 (debut)

‘Die Walküre’ – HELMWIGE: 2nd May 2019



Jürgen Linn

is singing FRITZ KOTHNER in ‚Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg‘ at the Staatsoper unter den Linden in Berlin.

Performances: 14th / 18th / 21st April 2019



Sebastian Pilgrim

is a member of the Oper Leipzig up from this season and can be heard amongst others as GRANDE INQUISITORE in ‘Don Carlo’ and EREMIT in ‘Der Freischütz’. He will also be heard in the RING cycle and gives his debut as KEZAL in ‘Die verkaufte Braut’.

‘Das Rheingold’ – FASOLT: 6th April 2019; 1st May 2019

‘Götterdämmerung’ – HAGEN: 14th April 2019; 5th May 2019

‘Der Freischütz’: 20th April 2019

‘Don Carlo’: 10th May 2019

‘Die verkaufte Braut’: premiere: 15th June 2019; further performances: 23rd / 30th June 2019



Oleksandr Pushniak

is singing LEPORELLO in ‘Don Giovanni’ and BARTOLO in ‘Die Hochzeit des Figaro’ at Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar.

‘Don Giovanni’: 21st April 2019; 31st May 2019; 14th June 2019 

‘Figaro’: 20th April 2019; 13th June 2019


There he can also be seen in the world premiere of ‘The Circle’ as MERCER.

Premiere: 4th May 2019

Further performances: 10th / 24th May 2019; 9th / 20th June 2019



Atala Schöck

is performing ÖRZSE in ‘Háry János’ at the Hungarian State Opera. 

Performances: 28th / 30th April 2019; 3rd / 5th / 8th / 9th / 11th May 2019


At the Müpa Palace of Arts she can be heard as FRICKA in ‘Das Rheingold’ and ‘Die Walküre’.

‘Das Rheingold’: 13th / 20th June 2019

‘Die Walküre’: 14th / 21st June 2019


In Vienna she can be heard as NETTIE FOWLER in ‘Carousel’.

Performances: 20th / 22nd / 26th May 2019; 7th / 24th / 26th June 2019



Sayaka Shigeshima

is member of the ensemble at the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar and is singing there amongst others CHERUBINO in ‘Die Hochzeit des Figaro’ and VENUS in ‘Tannhäuser’.

‘Figaro’: 20th April 2019; 13th June 2019

‘Tannhäuser’: 28th April 2019; 18th May 2019; 22nd June 2019


There she can also be seen in the world premiere of ‘The Circle’ as MAE.

Premiere: 4th May 2019

Further performances: 10th / 24th May 2019; 9th / 20th June 2019



Matthias Störmer

is JONNY JACQUES JAMES BONDY in ‘Die Herzogin von Chicago’ at the Theater Regensburg.

Performances: 10th / 13th April 2019; 5th May 2019; 4th June 2019



Elisabeth Teige

is again LEONORE in ‘Fidelio’ and gives her debut in the title role of TOSCA at the Nationaltheater Mannheim.

‘Fidelio’: 27th April 2019

‘Tosca’: 30th May 2019; 9th / 19th / 29th June 2019


Furthermore, she is performing IRENE in ‘Rienzi’ at the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

Performances: 18th April 2019; 10th May 2019



Gianluca Zampieri

is singing DR. MANDELBROD in ‘Les Bienveillantes’ at the Opera Antwerpen and the Opera Gent.

Antwerpen: 24th / 26th / 28th / 30th April 2019; 2nd May 2019

Gent: 12th / 14th / 16th / 18th May 2019