Simone Schröder

Der Ring des Nibelungen - für Kinder, Bayreuther Festspiele

„Simone Schröder war mit ihrem kraftvollen Mezzo eine beeindruckende Fricka und Flosshilde.“ Der neue Merker

Ring in 7 Hours, Teatro Colon, Buenos Aires

“Simone Schröder was a magnificent Fricka.” Der neue Merker

“Simone Schröder is an excellent Fricka!“ Deutschlandfunk Kultur

“Fricka, who takes care of the family in the ‘Ring’, recalls here to Evita Perón, the creator of social legislation (just a shame that the role has shrunk so much, Simone Schröder sings it splendidly).” Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Outstanding also Simone Schröder as Fricka!”

Das Rheingold, Nationaltheater Mannheim

“Haunting Simone Schröder as Erda, foreseeing the predictive dawning tragedy.”

“[…] and the experienced Bayreuth singer Simone Schröder sang an outstanding Erda, with her luminous voice that was rich in harmonic overtones.“

Der Ring des Nibelungen, Bayreuther Festspiele

“the mother of all Erda, interpreted as a desperate-pride warning charakter, Simone Schröder captivated the audience.“ Nürnberg Zeitung

“Simone Schröder embodied the Erda measured with warm low notes [...] “Online Musik Magazin

“With Martina Dike in the Norns trio she marks the beginning of Götterdämmerung as the vocal highlight of the evening.“

“Simone Schröder distinguished herself as Erda, First Norn and Schwertleite."

“[…] They reached Festival format - besides Simone Schröder as wonderful Erda“ Salzburger Nachrichten

“Simone Schröder as Erda evoked with her voice that seemingly metaphysical depth, which Fischer often missed within this ‘Ring’.” Nürnberger Zeitung

“Simone Schröder as Erda was remarkable lyrical […] “ Merkur

“Rounding out the ensemble with a beautiful dark announcing Erda (Simone Schröder).“ tz

Das Rheingold, New National Theatre Tokyo

"The other singers were as exceptionally strong. [...] Simone Schröder velvety-voiced as Fricka"

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