Anna-Katharina Behnke

Fidelio, Bozen
“Anna-Katharina Behnke, last year already celebrated as Elektra, awarded Leonore this highly dramatic momentum, which is also the oeuvre’s benefit. Even more than with the always safe and electrifying height she impressed in the Adagio of the great aria with expressive, touching phrasing. In addition, Behnke’s stage presence, also credible in a men costume, gave the figure at all sobriety of the scenery a heroic painting.” Das Opernglas

“Anna-Katharina Behnke as Leonore shows the miserable feeling of secrecy with yearningly dolour. She is a terrific, highly erotic and never hysterical singer-actress who performs the soft lyrical espressivo to dramatic soul consonance of the ‘Gattenliebe’ a vocal miracle.” Dolomitenzeitung

Der fliegende Holländer, Tiroler Festspiele Erl
“Stunning and unique - Anna-Katharina Behnke’s Senta. She balances the role with all shades.” Kronenzeitung

“Triumph of music and singing: the terrific Anna-Katharina Behnke recalls Birgit Nilsson.” Kurier

“A vocally and very convincing Senta mastered by Anna-Katharina Behnke: her vocal technical skill was simply amazing. Everything sat and carried effortlessly. As Behnke also dynamically thrilling contrasted, the ballad of Senta was a revelation.” kultiversum

„Anna-Katharina Behnke reaches in the heights, where it becomes difficult for some singers, a perfect voice development.” Münchner Merkur

Tristan und Isolde, Wagnertage Budapest
“Anna-Katharina Behnke has fascinated me. It is amazing how she articulates the text. She pronounces the word 'Knecht' so that you can feel the contempt, the contumely and the being offended - without exaggerating.” Radio Bártok

Elektra, Bozen
“Anna-Katharina Behnke made her debut in the title role. With secure and bright high notes, she acted her Elektra with a young and passionate profile. In face of her svelte voice, her soprano never was drowned out by the orchestra. The audience was spellbound from the beginning of the first monologue with the well articulated and expressively gentle parts to the truly electrifying high C, as well as the acting intensity.” Opernglas

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