Matthias Wohlbrecht

“Matthias Wohlbrecht as Mime was cut from a different cloth. He showed every nuance and played with every detailed word of this bizzare text so that it was really a pleasure to watch him performing. His bright and characteristic tenor was the icing on the cake: whispering, caricaturing and triumphing vehemently. He shows stamina and phenomenal heights Actually, this Mime was the star of the evening, fascinating the audience in every moment […].”

The German tenor is member of the ensemble of the Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe, He is a brilllant Loge, Steuermann, Knusperhexe, Mime, Herodes, Oedipus or Pong. In January 2017, he was a highly acclaimed Houston Stewart Chamberlain (“Matthias Wohlbrecht is portraying with great intensity a man who wants to be important and therefore pushes all humanity aside consciously.”) in the world premier of the opera ‘Wahnfried’ in Karlsruhe. In summer, he was again Mime (Siegfried), there. Perhaps for the last time, because he is preparing his debuts of Siegfried (Siegfried), Tannhäuser and Tristan.

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