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And finally Daniela Köhler as the strong-voiced Brünnhilde. A singer with charisma, who also mastered all the dreaded final top notes without difficulty. opera magazine
Daniela Köhler as the overwhelmingly strong voice of Brünnhilde. A Brünnhilde as written in books. Radiantly excited in voice (and in eyes!!!) as he greeted the sunlight, the cries of "Heil dir" gave goosebumps - and certainly woke some viewers from their sleep. An intoxicating voice of a singer from whom one will hopefully hear and see a lot more exciting things in the future. o-ton.online
[Daniela Köhler] Her "Heil Dir sonne, heil Dir Licht" sounds like a revelation. An ideal cast for Siegfried Brünnhilde, but there is still time for Die Walküre or Götterdämmerung. The final duet with Stephen Gould develops into an exuberant, almost orgiastic vocal contest in which Köhler, who is still rested at this point, has a slight advantage. Leipziger Allgemeine
Stephen Gould doesn't have it easy with Daniela Köhler. At the end of the eleventh opera evening of "Wagner 22", his impressive heroic tenor has a little trouble keeping up with her radiantly fresh soprano.
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Nobody less than the new Bayreuth Brünnhilde for this summer, Daniela Köhler, could be won as Senta at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. She interpreted the role as a rebellious woman who wants to contradict the deadlocked structures and who often wants to dream away from dystopian reality. Her dramatic voice, a powerful and space-filling soprano, impressed not least with the clear vocal lines and clear articulation with remarkable text comprehensibility. Daniela Köhler has already hinted at great things for her Bayreuth debut! Tristan and Isolde XS Aalto-Theater Essen
 Wagner shortcut  in feature length “Daniel Johansson and Daniela Köhler shine. Daniela Köhler managed  the Isolde effortlessly with a fresh, powerful, completely unspent  voice and powerful emphasis."Pedro Oblera WAZ / NRZ  Tristan in shortcut “After enjoying the love potion, it goes immediately  over to  the famous duet" O sink hernieder, Nacht der Liebe "from the second act.. Johansson and Köhler fit  each other wonderfully vocally in this great love scene in act two. Köhler's dramatic soprano and Johansson's tenor to merge  certain extent vicarious of the two characters on stage [. ...] Isolde finally appears when it is too late, and so there is nothing left for her there is more to it than to let her own love death follow with "Mild und Leise". Köhler also made the end very haunting, so that one might well shed a tear or two of emotion. Your image also disappears from the projection. The audience thanks for this compact and emotional evening with great applause. CONCLUSION: Although this short version is not a substitute for the full opera, it focuses on the emotional highlights of the piece and gets under your skin with the intense playing of the two soloists and the Essen Philharmonic under the direction of Tomáš Netopil. "Thomas Molke Online Music Magazin Tristan XS “Soprano Daniela Köhler and tenor Daniel Johansson both make their debut in their roles, which they sing by heart. Both performers surprise with considerable vocal material, clever penetration of the roles and good text articulation. Daniela Köhler started her career at the Karlsruhe State Theater. Through the Helmwige she has worked her way up to the difficult Wagner subject, in Loriot's “Ring an einem Abend” she has sung Brünnhilde  in Mainz and Essen . In the new Bayreuth “Ring” she would have been heard as “Siegfried” -Brünnhilde. Daniela Köhler is a radiant and clear soprano who is great Assertiveness. [...].Dramatically, she also has a large presence and, although these are concert scenes, plays her role with a few gestures and movements entirely from the spirit of the music. ””Rudolf Hermes, Der Opernfreund  Glowing, intense Isolde “The star of the evening is Daniela Köhler as Isolde. Passionate without end, she embodies glowing intensity: with the powerful, radiant use of her lavish soprano. " Klaus Stübler Ruhr news culture  Private look at a forbidden love "… Daniela Köhler, who effortlessly sings Isolde with a young, powerful, completely fresh voice and powerful emphasis. " Hans-Georg Wimmer, Westfälischer Anzeiger    Die Walküre, Oper Leipzig "The Valkyries' ensemble is most excellently cast. You can see the singers' joy in singing and playing. [...] It is also enchanting how the individuality of the individual voices is brought to bear. When Daniela Köhler, for example, as the Helmwige jubilantly hunts across the stage, one can already hear a highly dramatic voice. As Brünnhilde in 'Siegfried' she will be on stage in Bayreuth this summer." Der neue Merker Siegfried, Oper Leipzig "And last but by far not least: Daniela Köhler as overwhelmingly vocal Brünnhilde. A Brünnhilde like in the book. Radiantly excited in her voice (and in her eyes!!!) when she welcomed the sunlight, the shouts of "Heil dir" gave her goose bumps - and certainly woke up some of the spectators from their sleep. An intoxicating voice of a singer of whom hopefully in the future you will hear and see many more exciting things. Together with the wonderful tenor of Thomas Mohr, Siegfried and Brünnhilde sang themselves a veritable triumph. This duet at the end was almost gigantic!" Oper aktuell Der Rosenkavalier, Oper Leipzig "It is also marvellous how Daniela Köhler, as Jungfer Marianne Leitmetzerin, interferes overzealously in the events.“ Der neue Merker  Die Walküre, Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi “Daniela Köhler sang the Sieglinde in a highly dramatic, lushly timbred voice. Her mighty, radiant heights hinted at the »Siegfried«-Brünnhilde already.” Das Opernglas Der Ring des Nibelungen - für Kinder, Bayreuther Festspiele “Daniela Köhler sang the Brünnhilde with a powerful voice which also conveyed a lot of emotions.” Der neue Merker "Previously, when he met Brünnhilde (Daniela Köhler with full timbre, but with a still lyrically-understandable performance), he had simply learned what fear was."  Das Opernglas Der Ring an einem Abend, Staatstheater Mainz “With women's power, the young Daniela Köhler, a true high-drama soprano, appears as Brünnhilde. In the ‚Walkürenritt‘ she comes to the stage with powerful, loud 'Hojotoho shouts'. Regarding the female performers, she is the highlight of this evening and the only one who holds the 'Ring' as a love deposit in her hands and hands it over to the ‘Rheintöchter’.” Der neue Merker
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