Heli Veskus

Tannhäuser, Estonian National Opera
“Heli Veskus […] presented herself on a new level of quality as a soloist of Wagner, offering the audience a lot of joy in the role of Elisabeth during the premiere. The singing is not only vocally strong and emotional, but is also nuanced and emphasises every word and thought. Combined with a freedom in acting and stage presence, it grew into a complete role with a strong feminine charm.” Eesti Päevaleht

“The strength of Heli Veskus lies primarily in her ability to sing long musical lines with an evenly escalating vocal intensity, as well as the ability to release the accumulated tension in precise gestures at the end of a scene.” Teater. Muusika. Kino

Aida, Estonian National Opera
"Heli Veskus, who is since 2001 engaged at the Estonian National Opera, was very convincing as Aida (a cleaning lady in this production) with dark timbre, powerfully guided soprano, who certain balanced in every range." Das Opernglas

Cardillac, Estonian National Opera
"After that the scene, now a noble chamber, belongs to a lady, lively sung and acted by the soprano Heli Veskus." der neue Merker

Tristan und Isolde, Estonian National Opera
“The Isolde presented by Heli Veskus is natural, simple and sincere. Her lyrical voice is sufficiently strong and bearing in culminations, without losing its wide and warm tone or trying to sing over the orchestra. She left the impression that she was interpreting Wagner with a self-explanatory freedom and that this is completely natural for her.” Teater.Muusika.Kino

“The Isolde presented by Heli Veskus had a touch of royalty. Heli Veskus' command of German and Wagnerian verse must be treated as a feat in itself - every single nuance was emphasised.” cultural newspaper Sirp

Un Ballo in Maschera, Estonian National Opera
“Heli Veskus was a pleasant surprise as Amelia. The steady and round vocals, warm colouring and musical performance were fascinating. The role of Amelia was the biggest success of the performance.” cultural magazine Muusika

Purge, Estonian National Opera
“The character of old Aliide is so comprehensive that the other roles seem shallow, which is why she was the most important character of the work. A deeply tragic character, whose worldview collapses during the course of the opera and its memories. Complicated, controversial and painful – all masterfully conveyed by Heli Veskus, supported by Reinvere’s demanding score, in which the orchestra had all the trumps over the singers when telling the story. While Heli Veskus played a woman over her own age, she was maturely convincing and expressive, but never went too far. The character of old Aliide was well-rounded and effective on stage and a part of this roundedness came from the successful personification.” Eesti Päevaleht

Manon Lescaut, Estonian National Opera
“Heli Veskus made Manon truly human with all her good and bad sides. She was charming and naive in Act 1, passionate and greedy in Act 2, and tragic in the remaining scenes. Her soprano is rich and strong, right up to the top.“ Opera Magazine

Tosca, Estonian National Opera
“The outstanding Estonian soprano Heli Veskus was presenting and singing a Tosca of international format. Her 'Vissi d´arte' was breath-taking.“ Kulturkompasset

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