Franz Gürtelschmied

„Without a doubt the young tenor Franz Gürtelschmied was the highlight of evening […]: He gave a very strong and emphatic interpretation of the wavering Alkibiades with a steely core in his tenor voice, together with ideal articulation, concentrated projected thrust and remarkable lasting power.“


Franz Gürtelschmieds role as Alkibiades in Krenek's ‘Pallas Athene weint’ at the Neue Oper Wien could hardly be better described. The young tenor is a talented singer and performer. In May 2017, he made his debut as Tony (‘West Side Story’) at the Graz Opera. In spring 2018, he made his debut at the Opéra national de Paris as fourth squire in the new production of ‘Parsifal’ with Philippe Jordan. His debut as a Steuermann followed at the Wagner Days in Budapest in 2018 (‘Der fliegende Holländer’). In 2019, he appeared as Graf Gustav von Pottenstein in ‘Das Land des Lächelns’ at the Müpa Budapest and made his debut of Louis (‘Angels in America’) in Vienna and Budapest. In 2020, he will shine again as Graf Gustav von Pottenstein – this time at the Shanghai Opera. In the season 2020/21, he will take over the role of the Zweiter Priester in the ‘Zauberflöte’ at the Opéra National de Paris.

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