Ric Furman

Katja Kabanova, Theater Magdeburg

„Richard Furman mit strahlendem Tenor, souverän und sicher in der Stimmführung“ Das Opernglas

Vanessa, Theater Magdeburg

„Richard Furman gives the heartbreaker Anatol with his crystal-clear tenor a seductive-virile character.“ Opernwelt 

„As Anatol, Richard Furman is also visually a womanizer, vocally strong in presence.“ orpheus

Die Walküre, Theater Magdeburg

„Diesen [Siegmund] gibt Richard Furman kämpferisch mit prägnantem, durchschlagskräftigem Heldentenor, der ein für diese Rolle ungewöhnlich hohes Timbre aufweist, was sich aber nie als Nachteil heraus stellte. ‚So blühe denn Wälsungenblut!‘ konnte er voll auf Gesangslinie und lang gehalten singen. Das hört man nicht alle Tage!“ Der neue Merker

„Von imponierender Ausstrahlung, strahlend mit Heldentenorstimme, emotionalem Spiel, einfühlsamer Phrasierung und Klarheit der Diktion, liefert Richard Furman auch darstellerisch eine fabelhafte Leistung.“ Orpheus

„Richard Furman did not sing ‘Siegmund’ for the first time, but in freshness and physical as well as vocal play of discovery he did not differ from the newcomers. Furman took the opportunity to sing songlike. In contrast, the most intense part: "Wälse, Wälse!" was probably even heard in the dressing room..“ Volksstimme

„the Siegmund debutant Richard Furman proves his beautiful material even more in the strong and resonant" Wälse! "- shouts.“ Concerti

„The consistently imposing and credible acting of Siegmund by Richard Furman is a discovery that would honor any major stage. (Which one should put in Bayreuth on the reserve list.)“ NMZ

"With Noa Danon and Richard Furman as Sieglinde and Siegmund a juvenile-attractive ‘Wälsungenpaar’ captivates the audience. The American singer brings a fresh, well-conducted tenor with bright timbre into the part. A positive aspect is that his Wälse-shouts are by no means exaggerated or elongated. In the end he convinces in the death proclamation scene, when he finds clear vocal power, but full of lyric-precise voice leading and a brilliantly blooming top form." Das Opernglas

Die Frau ohne Schatten, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

"Brilliantly shining, her imperial husband Richard Furman convinced her with sonorous tenoral treble phrases.... A remarkable roll debut." Der Neue Merker

Boris Godunov, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

"The tenor Richard Furman, who in addition to his luminous vocal power, gives a runaway monk and false Dmitri also a heroic figure" FAV

"Furman is a Heldentenor of great promise and cuts a fine figure." Wiesbaden Kurier

Madama Butterfly, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden

"With radiant splendor Furman thrills in the heights, and shows us vocally exactly why Butterfly succumbs to his charm."?? Online Musik Magazin

Fidelio, Theater Hagen

"With his ecstatic dream of the "Angel Leonore," Furman proves instantly what dramatic heights he is capable of with clean voice and excellent comprehensibility of the text." Online Musik Magazin

"With Beethoven's Florestan, the German heroic tenor is born. The young American Richard Furman looks the part. And he has the brilliance, the sheen and the colour of Florestan, the tormented fighter for the truth, to be human." Der Westen

Vanessa, Theater Hagen

"The Anatol is Richard Furman giving his German debut - a debut to measure! His fresh, assertive tenor is ideal for this life, sometimes completely ruthless man with his razzle-dazzle charm who takes whatever he wants." NMZ online

"The young American Heldentenor Richard Furman makes his European debut with "Vanessa" in Hagen, and he has a voice that can really stand up: big and precious color, secure top, seductively soft and room-filling metal at the same time." Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung

"The young American Richard Furman (Anatol) delights from the outset with a radiant tenor." Die Deutsche Bühne

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