Marcus Jupither

Der fliegende Holländer, Salzburger Landestheater
“Marcus Jupither becomes a restless sailor: a powerful personality, this Holländer, and a beautiful voice, cultured and powerful, colorful, clear texted, no stemming, no audible weaknesses. A brilliant cast, which also convinces in the way of acting.” Drehpunktkultur

Das Rheingold, Hungarian State Opera Budapest
"Marcus Jupither's enormous talent in acting is essential for this production: Alberich, who is supervising the treasure and its augmentation as sergeant. The giant worm is suggested vigorous and visual, with the toad, the staging is making a fool of him as sergeant. His desparate curse with some kind of primal scream is going deeply underneath the skin. The total crash into meaninglessnes couldn't be showed stronger." Der Neue Merker

"Enfin, au ferme baryton suédois Marcus Jupither est confié le rôle d’Alberich qu’il honore d’une émission sagement dosée, d’une endurance remarquable mais encore d’une incarnation volontiers truculente."

Die Frau ohne Schatten, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe

“Frenetic applause was humbled to Marcus Jupither who gave the Färber Barak with powerful, well carried baritone strong profile.”

“Marcus Jupither got the most frenetic applause for true: He excelled as Barak with his warm and totally confident Baritone – with the volume of a bass.”

“The young swedish singer Marcus Jupither showed from the beginning this warm timbre, with a big voice but absolutely flexible baritone sound in the heights, as it is a must for the sympathetic character Barak.“ Das Opernglas

“Marcus Jupither sings the barak with a big, strong and also wonderfully warmly colored voice.“ Die Rheinpfalz

“Marcus Jupither draws the Färber Barak with a very beautiful heldenbaritone, round, and a fascinating velvet-like timbre, that easily goes up in the heights.“ Mannheimer Morgen

Die Fledermaus, Royal Swedish Opera
”Marcus Jupither, with one of the most thunderous voices around, was a jovial Frank and was in sharp contrast, visually, to Kerstin Avemo’s scintillating Adèle.” Seen and Heard International Opera Review

The Queen of Spades, Royal Swedish Opera
“Marcus Jupither’s Tomsky is tremendously impressive, vocally as well as visually. His voluminous baritone seemingly has no limits and few present-day singers can master his intensity.” Seen and Heard International Opera Review

Rheingold, Royal Swedish Opera
“Then the cast members become important, and Marcus Jupither is frightening Alberich, where the transformation from the love sick young man to the cynical goldmaker gives you eruptions, also vocally. Compared to that achievement the others become pale, something that is as it should be.” Dagens Nyheter

“Marcus Jupither is the performance gripping center.” Svenska Dagbladet

“The baritone Marcus Jupither is the performance biggest achievement.” Expressen

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