Andreas Hörl

“Hörls Hagen is an apparition. When he summons his Gibichsmen with ‘hoiho’ shouts at the beginning of the second act, it sends shivers down the spine of the listener. You do not want to meet this guy alone on the street at night. His profound bass seems of inexhaustible power. He is able to use it much more cultivated this year, than years ago in ‘Tannhäuser’ and ‘Lohengrin’. A real highlight!”


The charismatic singer is popular on the international stages and gives a convincing Hunding as well as Sarastro. His varied repertoire also includes Baron Ochs, König Marke and Fasolt. In 2015, he sang the Fafner for the first time at the Bayreuth Festival. In December 2016, he sang as König Marke under the musical direction of M° Daniele Gatti at the Teatro dell'Opera di Roma. In 2017/18, he appeared as Fafner and Hunding at the Odense Sinfoniorkester and as Hans Schwarz at the Bayreuth Festival. The 2018/19 season began successfully as Hagen at the Ring in Minden with outstanding reviews. In 2019, he also returned to the Bayreuth Festival where he will be performing again in 2020. Furthermore, he is currently preparing for his first Gurnemanz and Pogner – In the tradition of his great teacher Kurt Moll.

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