Judit Németh

Die Walküre, Nationaltheater Mannheim
“Wonderful Judit Németh’s Brünnhilde and Manfred Hemm as Hunding in his colorful fox costume, all big Wagner voices of high class.” Online Musik Magazin

“And Judit Németh as Brünnhilde didn’t let any whish unrealized.” www.web.de

Parsifal, Hungarian State Opera

“Judit Németh as Kundry, sovereign at any time, leaves a strong impression, with dark and soft timbre in Herzeleide-narrative, but also the strength of the dramatic attack.” Online Musik Magazin

Tannhäuser, De Norske Opera
“Judit Németh‘s Venus exudes also vocal sensity.” Frankfurter Rundschau

“Judit Németh‘s sensual Venus […].” Online Musik Magazin

Tannhäuser, Bayreuther Festspiele
“Judit Nemeth’s Venus was passionate, compelling and seductive [...].” www.musicweb.uk.net

“Judit Nemeth sang a aggressive alluring Venus.” Nürnberger Zeitung

Die Walküre, Hungarian State Opera Budapest
“Walküre was dominated by three strong women. First, it was the debut for Judit Németh as Brünnhilde, who gave an outstanding Fricka and Waltraute in the past few years in this Ring and launched a major international Wagnerian career. Nemeth impressed already with a strong and well-modulated presence, turning into a very committed and vocally high level heroine. Because of her mezzo-origin she brings a lot of character in the role of Wotantstochter. Thereby the artist moves with all apercus of a ‘bold beautiful child’ on stage, not least due to a very advantageous diet.” Der neue Merker

Das Rheingold, Wagner in Budapest – Opera Festival 2014
“Judit Németh is in ‘Das Rheingold’ a convincing Fricka with melodic and beautiful mezzo voice. She doesn’t miss to show with her acting the ambivalent behavior of the goddess of marriage.” Der neue Merker

Das Rheingold, Hugarian State Opera Budapest
"Judit Németh gives a flattering Fricka with pleasant Mezzo." Der Neue Merker

"Judit Németh sang a Fricka of big format with resonant Mezzo-timbre and concise expression." Das Opernglas

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