Sayaka Shigeshima

“Sayaka Shigeshima as Cherubino combines a gracile figure and a mighty mezzo, with which she sang her canzone powerfully and belies gentleness as a seduction strategy. In an androgynous style and black hairstyle, Cherubino does not want to save herself from female offers or male assaults. The latter, of course, happen only in ignorance of Cherubino's true gender, which is here partly contemplated about.”

The Japanese mezzo-soprano Sayaka Shigeshima was accepted into the ensemble of the Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar immediately after her studies at the HMT Munich. She has a real alto depth which enables her to sing roles like Annina, Octavian, Prinz Orlovsky, Charlotte, Mrs. Quickly, Flora, Olga and Suzuki, as well as an impressive Erda. In April 2018, she made her debut in Weimar as Venus in ‘Tannhäuser’, demonstrating that she can effortlessly conquer the dramatic subject. She brilliantly mastered this role of the Venus with jubilant height, rich middle range and impressive depth: “Sayaka Shigeshima as Venus convinced with her cultivated voice which was never shrill – despite this delicate and slightly hysterical role.” In the 2019/20 season, she will make her debut in Weimar as the Komponist in 'Ariadne auf Naxos' and will be singing again as Hänsel, Niklaus ('Hoffmanns Erzählungen') and Mae in the world premiere of 'The Circle'. 

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