Edna Prochnik

The Bassarids, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"But also around these two, there was adequate vocal luxury, that is needed for Henze's vocal parts so that they can bear up under the floating orchestra. Edna Prochnik is a convining Beroe." nmz.de

"Edna Prochnik shined as Beroe with a intensively colored Mezzo." Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

"Also the female figures were almost ideally casted: [...] Edna Prochnik with her well formed Mezzo as Beroe." opernnetz.de

Les Contes d'Hoffmann, Nationaltheater Mannheim

"Strong women, who give some splendour to the premiere: Nicklausse, present all the time at the side of Hoffmann, [...] sung by Edna Prochnik - she was last season the Carmen - in a authentic portray as the only one, who has already learned the art of love, a pleasant, distinct, technically very well developed mezzo voice, the Barcarole-Duet with Giulietta is one of the highlights of the evening." opernnetz.de

Die Walküre, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"Edna Prochnik sings an excellent Fricka, her mezzo is glowing, without exaggerating." opernnetz.de

"Heike Wessels as Sieginde and Edna Prochnik as Fricka, a double role debut, did the best performances of the evening, hard to decide whom I liked more. Both had a cultivated, fully sounding voice and perfect melodic alignement, without any stressing or effort in the heights; perfect opera happiness that makes you goosbumps." omm.de

"Edna Prochnik as very present and versatile Fricka" Stuttgarter Zeitung

"Edna Porchnik sings Fricka in an excellent way, her Mezzo is glowing, without giving to much." Opernnetz

"Also Edna Prochnik's Fricka was phenomenal" Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

"Edna Prochnik as Fricka pleased to the audience with her expressive mezzo that was full of nuances." Der Opernfreund

"The Fricka of Edna Prochnik scored again with a very differentiated tonal potential." Der Neue Merker

Siegfried, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"beautifully balanced glow has Edna Prochnik's Erda." opernnetz.de

Götterdämmerung, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"Excellent is the dramatic Alto of Edna Prochnik as Waltraute and Erste Norn." opernnetz.de

Parsifal, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"And as Kundry the very attractive Edna Prochnik has won enormously in her voice, expression and performance since her debut one year ago, so that one could say she was an ideal incorporation of this 'darned' role." Der Neue Merker

"Edna Prochnik as fascinating Kundry" Der Neue Merker

Falstaff, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"Edna Prohcnik has to dress as a housemaid, but her alto voice beams and blossoms." opernnetz.de

Concert, Freunde des Nationaltheaters Mannheim
"It was not only the resplendence of her voice, with which Edna Prochnik enchanted the audience, but also her great and broad singing skills: tender childern songs, dramatic aria, hard songs - everthing accompanied by Dr. Stephen Marinaro at the piano - all so convincing, that one could hardly believe that they were sung all by the same artist. The song about the tears from last year and the snow of yesterday evening was so captivating, that one would like to hear much mor Brecht/Weil by Edna Prochnik." freunde.nationaltheater.de

Concert, Nationaltheater Mannheim
"Seen from the back [from Bernstein's Symphony No. 1 'Jeremiah'], the orchestra of the Nationaltheater and mezzo soprano Edna Prochnik under GMD Dan Ettinger have presented a brilliant performance. What a composition, this 'Jeremiah'-Symphony abouth the prophecy of the devastation of Jerusalem, the desecration and the complaint about it, that Edna Prochnik shows in such an intense, animated, powerful and beautiful way!" morgenweb.de

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